Rochdale Peregrines 2018 (C) Rochdale Council


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Rochdale Peregrines 2018 (C) Rochdale Council

  • Another bonus view

  • Bonus captures Wendy good to see

  • Lucky to catch this adult on the scrape

  • Adult enjoying a relaxing preen

  • My luck with Peregrine captures continues albeit briefly here  ...

  • So curious about something above again

  • Its open above so other birds must be using it Wendy thats why they keep looking up.

  • Thanks JB, can't remember ever seeing an external view of nestbox position on the building?

  • I took one Wendy and showed it on here but you might have missed it, I will see if i can find the pictures again this was before the modified the scrape.

  • I did wonder if you might have one JB, would be interesting to see it!