Selfoss Ravens 2018


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Selfoss Ravens 2018

  • Both hopping and pacing impatiently... and calling. Wonder if they can see the others...

  • These last two look pretty close with each other. I think they will go pretty much at the same time.

  • Some raven just flew to a space just beyond below the beam and then flew outward from there. Couldn't see if it was a juvie or adult. Not enough time for the 2 young to react. And again a few moments later---the young began to squawk. but then shut up as it flew away.

  • The adult arrived, looked at the 2 young, and headed over to the same place below the beam. I think there may be a fledgling there.

  • Yes. I saw some wing tips on the other side of the nest, just below. They are occasionally looking over there. They seem a bit frustrated.

  • People are also looking at the area just between the yellow-lined roofs, and checking the nest above. It seems some ravens must be stuck down there. But I don't see parents flying out of that niche.

    Nest must be above, with the sign in front taken down. The place are people are looking in is somewhere around the area near the sheds.

    Mom is now installed in her under the eaves perch.

  • I have emailed the store to see if they are all OK.

  • Oh good, thank you. That will set our minds at rest!

  • I suspect that if one or two are down there, they are getting fed.

  • Hi Jonathan, I agree---I think for sure the parents are making sure the brood is taken care of if they are grounded! I just wonder if any are down there, and if so how many! And if they are on top of a structure rather than the ground.

  • The lovely people at Byko tell me that there is one chick on the beam below, being fed by the parents. So two chicks must have properly fledged now. They sent me a photo, I will try to post it when I get home.

  • Oh they are so nice! Now I see "the beam below" in the previous photo. That accounts for why the other two were peering down there sometimes.

  • Huhn! I just checked to see three on the nest now! Wonder how that happened!

  • They are so restless, pulling at twigs and hopping about, yelling.

  • One of the three is flying-hopping along the beam and over the nest.