Cornish Barn Owls 2017


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Cornish Barn Owls 2017

  • chol;:):) picture on left looks as it's 'Smmokkin'

  • Not sure of timing of this arrival... sorreeee

  • Me neither - and now both my cams have gone black, not even a badger.  Is it just me?  Is my situation now irretrievable? ;-D ...........


  • At least the timeline shows up now ;-)

  • Refreshed back up now.  She's still in the box, barn is empty.

  • 21:33 Have just checked the barn and nestcam, no owls on view.

  • 22:16 I heard what sounded like one leaving the nest box (nothing was in there as per my previous post). Female appeared on the tray - is this due to the time lag between cams?

    22:19 She moved to the middle beam, far right

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  • 23:13 The LS froze and I was able to capture one before it flew towards the cam and out of view

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  • Ooooh look!  Flying ghostie headlights!!! Lol

  • My barncam will not hold for more than a minute +/- and I can't keep refreshing.  Badger now, but here's a snap showing everywhere empty from just now:

  • Have to check when it arrived:

    EDIT - Badger on barncam, the owl crept into view @ 0716hr:

  • Now I've got badger again.  The cam stayed up just over 2 minutes :(

  • Morning Scylla, in between badgie, this one on the tray bobbing its head, so maybe someone else around

  • and 07'58 into box.

    Ensuring box is clean

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