Silent wings of the barn owl (Tyto alba)


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Silent wings of the barn owl (Tyto alba)

  • I promised you barn owls...I've got barn owls

    I was rather pleased to spot this fella out on the fens a few days ago. Got lots of shots of him at different angles, including a few as he hoisted a shrew into the air and headed for (literally) a nearby barn. More about the silent wings of this raptor in my blog as well as a few more photos, hope you like them! 

  • How lovely and as you say your first shot fantastic, thank you for sharing, I have posted your link in the Cornish Barn owl thread, as I am sure it will be welcomed.

  • Very welcomed indeed, Kate, thank you and also many thanks to David for sharing - fab!

  • Thanks!

  • Beautiful shot, David. There's one on my local patch but I've never seen it flying.

  • Thanks Tony!

  • Nice one and feel free to share a few more pictures on here.

  • That is lovely photos of the barn owl David, thanks for sharing

  • Will do!

  • Many thanks