Leighton Moss 18-10-2017


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Leighton Moss 18-10-2017

  • Came across a nice story while at LM today, a chap and his wife have a female Mallard called Dyson, they have had her for seven years and take her out for walks today she walked the paths at LM so took a picture of her on Norman’s shoulder she is very tame I have another when she was just going into her cat carry, wow would have loved to have taken her home with me, I will get some more picture ready that I took today too.


  • Here she is waddling into her Cat box :)


  • Awwww, how cute is that;   I have met the chap before who told me about his mallard and that he often takes her out to the reserve for a walk  lol     Wish I'd been there to see it as I love mallards and always take a bag of mixed seed especially for the ducks who come running the minute they see the bag tied around my belt !

  • When I first saw them on the track coming back from Grisedale hide Hazel, I thought they were messing about with it but when they said it was a pet Wow, and it walked all the way back and up the steps then when Norman opened the cage up outside the centre it just waddled in lol


  • Had to stand back with this with having a long lens on, my mate with her on his shoulder lol


  • Oh my goodness, I would have loved to meet that "famous" duck  lol  what a great photo and a keepsake for your pal too :)

  • She is "famous" around the world Hazel, people have got pictures of her :)


    You would not think butter would melt in his mouth but he is a softy at 6 foot 5 lol


  • One to wet you appetite Bearded Reedling 


  • oooh, nice one Jim,  I couldn't get near the rail when I passed the grit trays each day - too many 6ft tall photographers  lol

  • Wonderful story and photos, Jim!  What a sweet duck!  Takes me right back to childhood and our Mallard duck named Fluggy (a mis-typing by my Mum of the duck's original name of Fluffy, but Fluggy seems far more suited to an adult female Mallie.)  Love the Beardie, too--thanks.

  • It is a nice story Ann, they will miss her when it time for her to go :(


  • Definitely, Jim.  Mallards can be very endearing and make lovely pets when tame.  My Mum felt sorry for ours when Fluggy kept laying infertile eggs (we had no drakes at the time) so when she could not find anyone from whom to buy fertile duck eggs, she bought hen's eggs from a local farmer.  Fluggy sat on them and hatched them.  It was amusing to watch the strange little family, especially when it rained.  Mum Fluggy would be happily plodding around in the rain and calling to the chicks to join her but the chickens were huddled together underneath a bit of cover and refusing to join their duckie Mum.

  • Your pics tell a lovely story Jim, especially when the mallard was waddling back into the cat carry.    The bearded Tit too is a good shot to get.

  • Morning Jim

    First am so pleased you are out if Hossie, will they be keeping you on follow ups,but sincerely hope you will stay well.

    Secondly Thank you for all your beautiful Photos,

    Thirdly cant wait for Rochdale again this year (after your introduction to me from this years antics)

    Keep snapping and look after yourself.

  • We were lucky got there early and only about six people there so got a space Hazel.

    Wow, your story is very nice too Ann, and that was a good idea about the hens eggs and it’s a shame they could not follow Fluggy into the water but we know why shame Fluggy didn’t.

    Thank you gaynorsl.

    Morning Kate, and thanks you I feel great and sadly what I had they never found out but its nice to be out even in this weather but it was very nice up at LM till later in the afternoon, and I will be keeping an eye on the nest again next year.

    A few more pictures of the Bearded Reedlings.