Romeo and Juliet


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Romeo and Juliet

  • They are getting close to egg watch in Florida

  • Just read that there is an egg D @ 1.18 their time! Missed the vid unfortunately with various machines not playing ball!!

    Cam-op furiously trying to get sight of it!

  • Just recording it Wendy you can go back on player..Romeo's interaction is fascinating.

  • copyright

  • Well done D, saves me the hassle! Lol

    Great news though, but I  find it difficult to follow through with all that sibling rivalry, often too nasty for me!

  • Yep i wont be watching long Wendy

  • I watched this one last year as well. These are in South West Florida.

  • They have their second egg but Juliet sitting tight just now!

    Egg #1 (NE18) laid on Nov 2 at 1:18pm with est. hatch date Dec 7-9.

    Egg #2 (NE19) laid on Nov 5 at 2:42pm with est. hatch date Dec 10-12.