FalconCam Project, Orange, NSW - Peregrines 2018


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FalconCam Project, Orange, NSW - Peregrines 2018

  • Woo Hoo!  It's time for a new thread.  I wonder what this new year holds in store for our birds?

    At least they are starting the year with some beautiful weather.  Strangely enough, so am I!

  • Last year's thread is here.

  • Wow!  We have a suitable bird:

    Looking well fed, too:

    Looking at the height I'd say this is Diamond:

  • The night cam is on:

    Sleep well, Diamond.

  • Clare, Thanks for the new thread.  Fingers crossed that they have another successful year.  And a Happy New Year to you and Limpy and to All who follow this thread!

  • It's another beautiful morning in Orange:

  • The first update of the year from Cilla:

    Here's a link to the post.

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzz ...........

  • We have daylight:

  • Lovely:

    Here comes the sun:

  • Flown.

  • An update from Scott:

  • The night cam is on and a suitable bird has just appeared, as if by magic, on the ledge: