Exeter Peregrines 2018 (C )St Michael and All Angels, Mount Dinham


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Exeter Peregrines 2018 (C )St Michael and All Angels, Mount Dinham

  • Cams are up & running here ... http://www.stmichaelsmountdinham.org.uk/peregrine-falcons/ 

    Thanks to Kate & Nick Dixon for heads up ... a little footage from yesterday


  • Twos company.

  • Nearly snap Kate but yours more interesting as clearly shows identifying mark on bird's head!

     Pretty sure it's last year's male!

  • Just scapped him before he ran out doh!

  • That's a good'un Kate!

    Got this bit of scrape footage today ...


  • she 'll dig a hole in the bottom if she goes much harder. good little vid.... well done.

    Same as other captures. CHOL:):)

  • A bit of action from yesterday ... another click to play cam with short viewing window



  • How lovely soooo very excited bless.....

  • These two love talking to each other..

  • This pose to keep us on edge of seats!

  • and again tonight.

  • Realistically musn't get excited until nearer 24th March, Woking & Nottingham are the front runners, closely followed by Sheffield!

  • Draughty ol' scrape ...

  • Just arrived for Daily watch duty CHOL:):)

  • Still busy, Cup getting deeper.