Rochdale Peregrines 2018 (C) Rochdale Council


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Rochdale Peregrines 2018 (C) Rochdale Council


    Yippee live cam is back & first egg already arrived ...

    Weather is atrocious, poor birds!


  • Thanks Wendy

    Must have just come live,as I check daily,good to see.


    Day cam showing adjacent lawn and neat trimmed hedge CHOL:):)

  • Just saw tweet from Rochdale Peregrines with news & pic of second egg!!

  • Both in view

    Change over

  • Good captures Kate, many thanks!

  • I asked a friend who works at the council last week if they were going to put the camera up again and she got back to me today so was just looking on here to start the thread off but you beat me to it Wendy.

    There is one problem with the camera but that can be lived with the video is showing the nest wrong the nest box should be on the left its showing on the opposite side just a technical error on their side :)  

  • It should look like this I have reversed the picture.

  • They must have got the message they have just turned the video to show it correctly :)

  • That's better JB ... read tweet last night that there are THREE eggs now but not had chance to check further!

  • There are three eggs they just had a change over two white and one brown :)

  • Interesting to watch Mrs RP sat relaxing with the male on the eggs

  • Hi  Alan

    These Birds for all their victimisation as Birds of Prey, allow us some wonderful insights into  family life.

    Watched Derby doing similar yesterday, but when a big gust of rain threatened her babies she ran over to ensure Mr was doing his job CHOL:):)

  • And it looked like she never had to ask him to move over he just got up and left :)

  • Great news Tweet today says FOURTH EGG arrived!

  • Wow, 4 been to bust over the last couple of day to look :(