Trying again.......another Driven Grouse Shooting petition.


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Trying again.......another Driven Grouse Shooting petition.

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I was innocently browsing through Twitter when the excellent Chris Packham highlighted this petition.  Perhaps we can arrange for all the rabid hunting supporters to be absent from the ensuing debate.

It's currently standing at 4,970 signatures.

I'm adding a link to the petition to license driven grouse shooting even though I'd personally like to see it consigned to history.  Licensing it is probably better than nothing at all.

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  • Now 8906.

  • Now at 8,960!

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  • You can turn them all off Jeremy if you go to your settings and under notifications untick all the boxes and then save.

  • We're now up to 9,300.

    In a way it's absolutely staggering that so few people in the UK have signed this petition.  If the total effects of driven grouse shooting were known to everybody here - not just the illegal killing of raptors but the creation of burned out dead zones where there's very little wildlife except for the unfortunate feathered targets - you'd think that millions of people would be signing.  I suspect even the most rabid of the land-owning, shooting MPs would have to shut up then.

  • I'm driving up a certain road during the week and since the shooting season has started there are dead pheasants each day, about half a dozen spread (literally) over a 200 yard patch of road.   Poor birds let out after being fed up over the summer months, don't know anything about traffic etc, just to be mown down by motorists as they cross the road.   Motorists can't avoid them, maybe better than being shot from the sky.   I hate all the shooting game.

  • Now at 9,493.

  • At 10,091 now.  It's not climbing fast enough for me.

  • Hi Clare

    I think I recall that reaching the figure of 10,000 triggers some action in respect of the petition or have I got that wrong?


  • The Government responds to the petition when it reaches that figure.  It takes another 90,000 to actually debate it.

  • Long way to go then!

  • Currently at 10,526.

  • Now at 11,144.