Flocks of Pied Wagtails?


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Flocks of Pied Wagtails?

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Hi there - each evening at dusk I see a huge flock (easily more than a 100) of birds appearing to roost on the buildings and trees surrounding Maidenhead railway station - they look like pied wagtails, but as it's getting dark it's difficult to be sure! Would this be normal behavior as I've only ever seen one or two together before......

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  • Hi Alison and welcome to the RSPB Community

    Yes - Sounds completely normal.

    In Cheltenham flocks of Pied Wagtails come to roost every night in the street trees next to the side entrance of M&S.


  • Hi Alison and welcome to the RSPB Forum.  Enjoy yourself here

    I have heard of Pied Wagtails congregating in flocks at night in town centres in amongst bright lights and people. I agree with John with the large flocks thing being normal.

    They choose a certain tree and it remain their roost over the colder months.  The breeding season might distract the Pied Wagtails from continuing to meet up though and that is natural for them to do that

    It might be that it is a safety in numbers to keep predators away, and also a way to keep warm too.


    Kathy and Dave

  • That's great - thank you so much for your replies.

  • In Harroge town centre Pied Wagtails will roost in trees where there is coloured lights no doubt they are attracted by the warmth of the lights,they certainly cheer up a winters shopping trip.



    Pied wags like to roost in roofs, under eaves, on beams etc. Railway stations and petrol stations are often faves.


  • I know of 2 pied wagtail roosts around here. East Devon pied population roost on the roof of Tesco's garage in Honiton & the Teign Esuary population roost in the trees of Newton Abbot High Street, outside M & S. Both roosts have hundreds of birds !

  • Hi all

    I have learned something new here. I didn't realise that pied wagtails roosted in large flocks either.

    It just goes to show you're never to old to learn something new. :-)

  • Hi Chris

    Another fact about Pied Wagtails to add to your list of information about birds.

    That is the thing about this Forum we share information and we do learn a lot from one another


    Kathy and Dave