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Suggestions Easy Winter Reading

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As the nights draw in and the Ospreys have left my thoughts turn to curling up on the sofa with some good reading.  Any suggestions for some good Natural History books, (nothing techy please, lol). 

Novels i;ve most recently read :  couple of Simon Barnes, and will defenitely buy his others.   Alec Horne, Birdwatching Wathcing ( comedian, very good)  Rory McGrath, Bearded Tit, really good, and Niall Edworthy Bald Coot and Screaming Loon, verygood/ informative. 

Any suggestions? What are you reading at the moment?

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  • Have you tried "To See Every Bird on Earth" by Dan Koeppel? A biography writen by the son of a 'big lister', examining what drives people to try to see as many species of bird as possible. Definitely not technical and more about his father and the highs and lows such a single-minded pusuit brought into his life. Available on eBay or from many RSPB shops (we have a copy here at Top Lodge).

  • Cool will def check it out, its reminded me of another I wanted to read by  ,  Phoebe Snetsinger. can't remember the title will google her just now.    will probs get from EBay  but will  pay with my RSPB credit card,-  will you let me off with that. :  )     WildSounds.Com have quite a good selection of  Novels and Biographies as well .  Hubby sitting next to me laughing, he has so many NH booksI haven't read  but some are just a bit too techy/statistical.

    Thank you

    Title : Birding on Borrowed Time

  • Hi Soosin

    Many years ago I read "An Owl Came To Stay" by Claire Rome. It is a lovely tale of fostering a baby owl. I am not sure if you will still be able to get it from a bookshop as it may be out of print so it's possibly an E-Bay/second hand bookshop/library search.

  • Hi Soosin,

    Another book that just came to mind is 'A Lighthouse Notebook' by Norman McCanch. The story of how he spent several years as a lighthouse keeper in different places around the UK, surrounded by wildlife. Lovely illustrations too, done by the author. I doubt you can get a new copy but Amazon certainly have some used ones for sale.

  • Thanks folks for suggestions, keep them coming.  Can see won't be short of reading.  Got a birthday coming up in october so will drop some hints