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I'm not asking for a solution to this message, don't think that there is one. just wondered if anyone else has had the problem.

This year I grew red sunflowers, they are beautiful, very tall, large heads,about 20 blooms on three stalks. I had hoped to save seeds for next year, and some for thr birds. As the heads ripen, squirrel bites them off and devores the centres. To beat him I put one in a vase outside the back door. I returned from shopping to find he had taken that one on to the lawn it eat!

Ah well, it keeps him off the bird table for a while.

PS wish there was a spell check on this site!!!!!!

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  • Hi Min

    If your squirrel is a regular visitor you can buy special squirrel food. Tufty (my regular) loves it and not only leaves the bird food and feeders alone but also the garden - apart from a minimal amount of excavating when he wants to bury / dig up a nut. I would just add that the birds are also partial to Tufty's food so during the period when the birds are feeding their young I remove the peanuts, just to be on the safe side.