Pair of sparrow hawk


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Pair of sparrow hawk

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I have no birds in my garden at the moment as I have a pair of sparrow hawk in my tree!

Wasn't quick enough to get photo's, hoping they will be back.

they have had tree kills in my garden, a pigieon, blakbird, not sure what the other one was.

there is one good thing that happens after the kill the feathers are all snapped very quick by other birds.

I have not seen the kill just the aftermath of it.


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  • Buzzard - Brilliant photos again. I was OK with the kill until I came to the last photo!

  • Sparrow

    Buzzard - Brilliant photos again. I was OK with the kill until I came to the last photo!

    Me too!  Much prefer the head to be facing the other way or the eyes to be shut!

  • Great photos Buzzard. They leave nothing to the imagination but the sparrowhawk has got to live.

  • Great shots Buzzard, they never leave anything but feathers, well not in my garden, they take it away to eat.

    with a bird that size do they have to kill every day?

    that is when they are not feeding they young.

  • Hi Janet, I think it would be unlikely that they will nest in your tree unless nesting sites are very scarce in your area as they prefer to nest in woodland where there is plenty of cover rather than isolated trees.   It would be fascinating if they did though, not many people get to watch the activities around a sparrowhawks nest!


  • Hi Janet,

    I've seen 'our' female eat her prey in the garden, and leave nothing but beak and feathers.  So if its quiet enough they will just eat it there.  Although I imagine they'd be pretty stuffed after a bird like a Collared Dove!

    That's a good question about their eating habits, I wondered that myself.  I presumed they could go a day or two without a kill, like most predators can. The size of their prey depends on the Sparrowhawk I guess, if they're not very big, strong or experienced I'd imagine they wouldn't try anything that's too big (e.g a Woodpigeon).

    Our Sparrowhawk's preferred prey here is Collared Doves - those poor Doves do suffer here!

  • Paul E

    The female is brown , here's a photo of 'my' Sparrowhawk:


    The male is smaller and a blue colour with a rusty underside (that's my basic way of describing it, sorry).  This is the best photo of a male I have got:




    Great pictures Paul!

  • Thank you Lloyd!  :o)

  • Paul E

    Looks like you could have quite the bird haven going there Janet :o)

    that was an old photo Paul E, I now have over 34 feeders on the apple tree alone.


  • WOW! Great photos all.