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Hi, I am after something more than my identification of a "Reed Warbler as they are more common", which seems to be the same from everyone :) Any more concrete identification would be good.
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  • You may have to wait for an expert to pop by David for concrete ID.

  • Hi David, is there anything you have observed/heard with regards to this bird to suggest that it is not a Reed warbler?, as it certainly looks like one.

  • Hi, someone suggested it might be a Marsh Warbler; having looked at various guides for distinguishing Marsh and Reed Warblers I am still stumped, hence the question on here :)

  • Hi,

    It might be a reed warbler but I'm not sure, but if it is I have some info, it is mostly seen in England, Wales and eastern Ireland in summer, usually near lakes and marshes, mostly the coomon host for the Cuckoo.

    Hope it helps, again, I'm not an expert!