Juvenile Sparrowhawk?


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Juvenile Sparrowhawk?

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I think this could be a juvenile, very relaxed in the garden for about 30 minutes.

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  • Cracking shots mate, but i can't help with the "juvenile" bit.

  • What gorgeous photos Alan, love the swish of it's wings in the fourth shot.

  • Yes I think it is a juvenile.  It has pale spots on its back which our bird guide says it is supposed to have.

  • Beautiful bird, Alan--thanks for the gorgeous photos!

    Limpy, Thanks for the confirmation!  I learned something today--pale spots on the back means a juvenile Sparrowhawk.

  • Another one that likes Fence-posts.

    Interesting that the white spots aren't so evident in the first shot, but become more so after it has a good stretch. I also seem to remember a blog early this year discussing the spots or 'eyes' on a Sprawk's back.

  • gorgeous series of shots

  • Lovely Alan, you are having some great finds, owls and now sprawks.

  • Hi

    It might be a female or a juvenile but I'm not an expert but it's closer to a juvenile!