Snipe Display


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Snipe Display

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This snipe fanned out his chest feathers seemingly in a display to scare the people in the hide, do they do this often?
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  • My guess is it was facing into the wind. If it could see people in the hide, the hide needs replacing.

  • Don't know but that is a cracking photo.

  • It looks more like it was just looking a bit wind swept,as Robbo said if the bird can see folk in the hide it may be set up wrong and if it can see people it is more likely to fly off or crouch down in the vegetation and let its fantastic camouflage hide it.

  • I probably chose the wrong word with hide, it is actually a large observatory at one of the conservation sites and has huge glass windows for watching the swan feeding over the winter months.

  • Thanks, it did wander along for a nice display very close for a while, so it made it easy to get a nice photo :)

  • Snipe are,for me, a smashing bird to see. We get them breeding on our local moors and their "drumming" display flight is one of my favourite bird sounds.