What is it ? !


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Identify this

What is it ? !

  • Saw this today ........... I know what this is ..........but do you ?  !!       

    My guess is you will know as there are a such a clever lot of folk on here  !   

  • Oo-er! Couldn't be a terrapin could it. Or an unusual view of an otter. Or perhaps you've been up to Loch Ness. LOL

  • Looks to me like it could be a seal with some seaweed on its head!!

  • does this help ?   lol

  • Still looks like a seal! What is the bright gold coloured light on the nose though!

  • lol Catlady,  he borrowed it from Rudolph for the Christmas season  !      

  • First shot I was thinking Cormorant, but with the additional shot I'm now thinking Great Northern Diver?

  • Ta dah !    very well done Paul  - here it is ..........

    anyone in the West Kirby (Marine Lake) area on the Wirral may well see this and there are reports of a Red-throated Diver which we could not locate 

  • Well done, Paul. I was still struggling to decide whether it was fur or fowl. Good spot Hazel.

  • cheers Tony,   it had been reported on a Manchester Birding Forum and the Red-throated Diver had also been there that morning although by the time we arrived mid afternoon the wind had picked up to full strength and what looks like the sea in these pics was a boating lake which should be calm   lol      Anyone wanting to see these birds, I think it is best to go early morning as there are a lot of wind surfers on the lake by lunchtime/afternoon which tends to drive the birds up and down the lake making it hard to keep track of them.        I will put a thread up later with more pics of this beauty plus more of the L.E.Owl and other birds.    

    Not a nice day today with more rain first thing and very gloomy so glad we chose yesterday to venture out.    

  • It's amazing how these birds which breed in remote places can turn up on boating lakes. Jayne sees them in Mousehole harbour and I seem to recall that Bob's_retired_now had one turn up on a park lake in Cheltenham. It certainly looks more like the open sea with all those waves. Look forward to seeing more photos.

  • As you say Tony, these wonders suddenly turn up in all sorts of places and countrywide and I remember Jayne's stunning photos the other day of the GND in Cornwall.    It was so windy I could hardly keep the camera still  lol     however, will go through some shortly including slightly blurry but interesting pics of a Herring Gull which swooped down and "nicked" part of what looked like a crab that the G.N. Diver had brought up to the surface  lol    

  • Well that's me up the creek without a paddle! Can see it now with the final shot, still ting to work out the second shot!!

  • lol Catlady,  the 2nd photo is where the G.N.Diver is looking so straight on that you can't see the length of his bill but just the end tip which had the setting sun shining on it !

  • That was a good shot to have us ID aitch, had me puzzling for a fair while & I should have known as a local birder posted some pics of one he spotted off Ramsgate beach the other week!  Still playing catch-up & have another couple of your outings to peruse, all good stuff!!