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    Can someone please help to identify what this owl is? It was sitting on my nieces shed near Collieston Aberdeenshire, for a good 20mins.
  • Could be an Eagle Owl,it looks a pretty hefty bird. If it is it may be an escaped bird or a feral one.

  • Short-eared Owl.

  • Thanks for putting me right on that Aiki,looked pretty bulky to me.

  • It's a bit wind-ruffled, but there's bulky and then there's BULKY :)

    As far as I know no eagle-owls (and definitely not the few species common in captivity) have yellow eyes set in an extensive black eye-surround, and they also have much longer and more widely spaced ear-tufts.

  • Thanks for the link Aiki we get one occasionally in our dale.It is presumed to belong to a local as it will approach people.

  • Thanks for the help.

  • By sheer coincidence our WEA group were visiting a local bird of prey centre where they had several Owls on show. After being close up to an European Eagle Owl and having her sitting on my hand I really cannot think how I i.d.'d bird in the photo as an Eagle Owl,as Aiki said there's bulky and there is BULKY !!. The birds were all brill but if their Snowy Owls ever go missing the owners had better our flat first,they may just find them there.

  • Hi David you have a very nice Short Eared Owl there my friend. 20 mins is a good length of time to have had its company.