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Vanishing birds

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I live on a new housing development in South Gloucestershire, but my "corner" has been complete for some time. Behind the house there is a long strip of mature trees (inc. Oak) and thick bushes of all sorts. There is usually constant bird activity behind our house - blue and great tits, robins, blackbirds, pigeons, dunnocks...all the usual common birds. We get plenty to the garden to the feeders, bushes or lawn. Just the other day though we realised we hadn't seen any birds for a while - possibly a couple weeks. I watched for a half hour this morning and there was literately only a single small bird in the bushes and a squirrel. Nothing even sat on our or any neighbours fence! I'd not be surprised to not see a single species - Jays seem to have flown off from around us some time ago - or to have birds rejecting my feeders if they don't like the food, but to not even see a robin or great tit anywhere in or around the is really weird and I am wondering what might cause this sudden vanishing? (One thought - a neighbour on one side recently took it upon themselves to clear the bushes away from behind their house and have occasionally bonfires. No idea why - it isn't their property and isn't interfering at all with their garden. So now this long row of bushes has a gap under one tree. But for that to effect the bird activity in the entire row of bushes, trees and gardens would seem extreme, but could it?).
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  • Morning Alastair, I am pretty rural here on Anglesey and find at the moment the garden is quiet, the birds are evidently still finding plenty of food in the fields, they will return when that disappears I'm sure and the sunflower hearts will diminish rapidly once again!  I know if the hedges are cut then that will disturb the birds for a while but they always return, hang on in there and hopefully your local birds will also come back soon.

  • I put very little food out, and none at the moment. The garden is very busy though. Many of the birds are in loose flocks. Seeing a lot of chiffchaffs and goldcrests. Nuthatches, blue, great and coal tits as well. I think it is all down to mature shrubs, trees and plentiful natural food. In the Autumn, as others mention in the forum, many gardens do go quiet.  I would guess new developments are particularly affected at this time of year.

  • We have everything from the usual 6 badgers to loads of birds and the occasional woodpecker

    The problem these days is too many people like 1/2" long grass, wooden fences and pretty flowers, our garden is long grass (we also have frogs), trees, WILD flowers and hedges.

    I also have feeders just 4' from the hedge, birds take food and fly off to eat it, also NON growing seed with nothing for the Pigions, and don't use whole peanuts, I use a blender to chop them, mixed with sunflower seeds and seed,  garden overflowing with birds first and last thing