Mystery Photo Competition!


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Mystery Photo Competition!

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try this one guys- Taken in England



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  • Not sure there is anything left other than woodlark.

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  • If it's what I think it is, there are clues in the photo.

    edit....other than the bird I mean.

  • Willow Warbler    LOL     no idea so will be interested to hear what it is.

  • I'm interested in Robbo's clues :)

  • come on Robbo, spill the beans   lol     I've googled and searched as I don't have access to my bird books at the moment,  the only thing I found out from Google is when your birthday is Seymour   ;)    LOL 

  • I was going to say Jay when I first saw the photo with the wings, but obviously wrong given what Robbo has said lol.

  • Hard to get a sense of scale. Very long primaries which are blackish looking. I'll guess at female Bullfinch but probably way off.

  • The buds & branches look familiar. Might be wrong, but they do seem popular with one species. If it is what I think it is, my clue isn't/wasn't needed.

  • My guess is wild cherry.

  • Robbo

    My guess is wild cherry.

      then I am in Tony' camp with Mrs Bullfinch  lol 

  • ....let's hope I'm right. No pressure....

  • Not a clue but a good one for the bottoms up thread!!

  • In this species the sexes are virtually identical


  • In that case it's not a Bullfinch. How about something like a Great Grey Shrike. Just more wild guessing.

  • I see light (axillaries?), dark vent and a hint of speckling further up the breast so I'm going to say Fieldfare.

  • I was barking up the wrong cherry tree. I can't make it into anything else, so I am stumped and can't provide anymore duff clues!