Reed or Marsh Warbler


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Reed or Marsh Warbler

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Initially had this down as a Reed Warbler, but doubts beginning to creep in, overall appearance, posture and leg colour seem un R/W to me.  Probably wrong , but best to check.

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  • I think I'm with you in that it just doesn't look quite right for a Reed Warbler. Maybe the wings are little too dark (or not pale fringed). Never seen a Marsh Warbler, so perhaps not the best to judge that ... but I don't see why not at the moment.

  • Flickr suggestions are all Willow Warbler at the moment, but hasn't got the colouration for that, also down in the reeds, not where I'd expect to normally find a W/W, plus where's the yellow supercillium?

  • Hi - and sorry if, as an inexperienced birder, this is a silly suggestion - but is it possible the subject in the photo is a Garden Warbler?  I've never actually seen one myself but I was perusing the RSPB Handbook and thought the nondescript Garden Warbler illustration bears some resemblance.

  • Thanks Michael, I looked at Garden and marsh in my book, and leaned toward Marsh, but until we get a definitive answer from an expert, we'll just have to leave it up in the air.

  • I’m by no means an expert on Warblers, Terry, so I can only add what I’m seeing in the ‘Wild Guides Britain’s Birds’ book (quoted from page 409).

    For me the wing pattern looks good for Marsh Warbler.

    Tertials: Sharply edged; just longer than secondaries.

    Wingtip: Long; 8 obvious pale tips (wear off in summer).

    Just my opinion from the photos. :-)

  • Sorry, but got to disagree with Paul. Willow warbler.

    Face wrong and bill too short for reed and marsh.

  • I'll just have to leave this as an undecided (for me) colour habitat, and lack of supercillium rule out W/W imho, thanks for all the input anyway guys.