Is this click and squeak a robin?


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Is this click and squeak a robin?

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We have a lot of robins here in north London, but I'm trying to work out if this song I heard the other day was one of them. Here's a recording:

It's a peculiar clicking and squeaking sound. What makes me think it's a robin is that there was one nearby as the sound happened, and when the robin flew off the sound went too, but I suppose that might be a coincidence (perhaps the robin chased off the click/squeak bird).

The other small birds we have here are great tits, blue tits, coal tits and the occasional group of long-tailed tits, sparrows, the odd blackcap, and I think I saw a female reed bunting the other day (it didn't look quite enough like a sparrow anyway). So it could have been any of those I guess, or something else. We have mixed seed, sunflower hearts, nyjer seed and fat balls in the garden.

So, can anyone tell me if robins make this sound? Thanks for any answers!

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  • Hi Chris welcome to the community.

    I don't think it's a Robin, it sounds like an alarm/agitated call and the main bit sounds like a Blackbird but not the squeak,so I don't know what it is, so best wait for someone else to have a listen

  • Almust certainly an alarm call and in parts like a Blackbird which it may well be