Do I need Specsavers or is this a Crossbill in my garden lol


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Do I need Specsavers or is this a Crossbill in my garden lol

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I saw this bird this afternoon on the waterfall and assumed it was a Greenfinch but after downloading the photos and looking through my books it looks like a Crossbill - perhaps juvenile.      Is this wishful thinking and results of heatstroke I have as I wouldn't expect to see one in the garden    LOL      any help much appreciated.  


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  • Crossbill

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  • What a beautiful greenfinch, Hazy!  It's got an overgrown beak which suggests a crossbill - I had to look a few times.

    EDIT .............looked a few more times and I'm wondering if I've just made a complete plonker of myself.  Could someone knowledgeable have a look, please?????

  • Hi Hazel, have had a look about, certainly has that cross bill and the female is green/brown in colour, not sure though.

  • Crossbill

  • Thanks so much for your input folks which is much appreciated;   I still have it as a juvenile Crossbill so will wait for more opinions on this bird -  or think it was birds as one I think flew off as you can see just before I took the last photo;   I really hope it is a new record and an unusual one for our garden !    Post edit:     I have just done a bit more research and it appears that have been reports in the past of the Crossbill breeding about 10 miles away from us, article HERE   

  • Apart from the bill,which I think is deformed, very little else suggests Crossbill to me but I would love to be proved wrong as a Crossbill is a good garden tick for anybody. We spent a lot of time a couple of weeks ago in the Abernethy Forest region watching both Common and Scottish/Parrot Crossbills and their total stance and jizz just seemed so different to this bird.

  • I think its a juvenile Crossbill too Hazy.

    Nice garden tick,well done :)

  • Thanks also to Pete and BamBam for your thoughts on this one;  it's proving a controversial little bird/s  lol      I'll leave this post open for others to have their say as I'd still love to know for certain or I won't get any sleep  LOL    

    I'm off to Silverale (Leighton Moss) shortly so will have to catch up on this one when I get an internet connection.   Thanks again for all your replies. 

  • Juvenile Crossbill for me. :-)

  • Another crossbill vote from me.

  • Juve' Crossbill, see here.;tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=gUidTkzmyfKYEM%253A%252CyoVj11zVrn1a-M%252C_&usg=__yRQJuWr_cdcAX6832EAfu-cExJo%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjhgKmhl-zbAhVM4IMKHfvSAIwQ9QEILTAB#imgrc=gUidTkzmyfKYEM:

  • Many thanks all & yes I’ve had confirmation also from my rspb pal at LM. I’m so thrilled & nice birds to have visit garden.

    Once again I really appreciate all your input folks.

  • A very good find in the garden!

  • Glad I was wrong on this one Hazel,a smashing bird for your garden list and I must learn to look at juveniles more closely.Enjoy your visit to the Moss due to loads of commitments and excuses we still have not visited this year yet.

  • Morning folks, just using mobile at moment so not easiest way of replying.   @ Pete, no worries as I was really grateful for your reply & all input & appreciate all responses.   Yesterday I got photos of a juvenile Cettis Warbler in full view & also saw adult.  I will update tnite when I get back from reserve.   Alan, Mc, Jim r already on reserve so I better get my skates on lol.  Nigel arrived yday & we’ll c Ann & hubby tmrro -  we’re all having a great time.  

    Hope u r all enjoying heatwave but stay safe in the sun.   Catch ya’ll later.

  • I was sat in Grisdale hide at 5.30am and its been a hot one again today, did not see anything after you left the towere only a few Egrets and a Harrier at long disstance so came back at 5pm.