Oystercatcher and Redshank?


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Oystercatcher and Redshank?

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Sorry about the quality of the photos. The birds were a bit of a distance away, and the vegetation got away. I was also trying to snap the bird I think is a Redshank.  It was only when I got home and looked at them did I realise I couldn't recognise the black bird in the bottom right of the photo.

I 'think' it is an Oystercatcher. However, it looked a bit big to me. I'm afraid I've only seen Oystercatchers in profile, with their bright orange legs on display. Photographed on Manor farm today, but I have photographed Oystercatchers on Fleet Hill farm and Moor Green lakes reserve before. I reckon it's the same pair I photograph.

Here they are in their overall setting.  There is a Lapwing for size comparison

Here are the birds cropped out

Again, overall setting

Cropped out

Many thanks

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  • No redshanks there. The middle bird is a common sandpiper.

  • I agree with John, Common Sandpiper for your middle bird.

  • Cool! I shall look out for them with even more interest. I have seen this little chap several times, but the tall vegetation stops me getting a good view and I could never figure what it was.

    It was even closer, two weeks ago, totally unbothered by the huge haulage lorries rumbling and trundling by about 30 yards from where it was foraging.

  • Looking at the bill shape and colour together with the plumage I would say it's an oystercatcher