Dunnock or Robin


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Dunnock or Robin

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I must be having a thick moment as I can't decide if this is a Robin or Dunnock.

I have both in the garden and saw a young Dunnock being fed yesterday so not sure if this is it.

going to say Dunnock.

edit..or now looking at the beak is it a Robin

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  • Lovely baby Robin methinks D!

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  • Lovely baby Robin methinks D!

  • Cheers Wendy that was my first thought with beak and how it stands.

  • agree, definitely juvie robin  lol

  • Yup, Robin, I think we are allowed those, thick moments now and again Alan!

  • Agree with the others, it's a wittle wrobin and moments are perfectly normal too!

  • Young dunnocks have a red gape rather than the yellow of the Robin. Their eyes also have a reddish hue. Nice pic.