is this a mistle or song thrush???


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is this a mistle or song thrush???

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  • I'm pretty sure it's a Song Thrush.

  • It looks to be a warm brown on the topside so I'd vote for Song Thrush. Mistles normally look a shade greyer.

  • I,m for Song Thrush


  • Looks like a song thrush to me, too! :-)

  • thankyou!!! there is another one that visits which does appear to be a shade different so maybe that could be a mistle.

  • I agree, Song Thrush.  Hope you get mistles too - they are bigger and greyer, with more "spotty" spots - though I suppose it's hard to compare if the bird is on its own. =)

  • Yeah, I'd go with Song Thrush too

  • I would say it's a Song Thrush too.  It is smaller and browner than a mistle thrush.

    For comparison purposes, below are photos of both.

    Song Thrush

    Mistle Thrush

    Hope this is of help. 

  • hiya birdwoman

    thanks for posting the 2 pics.

    i think after seeing them i have definitely been visited by a mistle also..i hope i can get some pics next time.