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Nestbox Question

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I'm hoping for some advice on bird behaviour in nestboxes.

I've had a family of Great Tits nesting in the box until yesterday morning the adult male sadly died.  The female has been working hard feeding her chicks since yesterday through to about 8.30 this evening.  However, the chicks are now quite a size and I estimate they would be fledglings by this coming Friday or the early part of the following week.

But at about 8.40pm the female left the nest and hasn't returned.  Is this normal behaviour for a female to leave the nest so late in the day?  Or would it be fair to say she has abandoned the nest?

If during the course tomorrow it appears she has abandoned the nest.  Is there any places that may help in hand rearing the chicks?  Or advice on what to do.

I hope someone could help.

Many thanks,

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  • Thanks Alan for the help.  I hope she returns in the morning.

  • It's a possible.  When I watch them on the nestbox camera and there isn't much space for her and the 10 chicks.  So, you could be onto something there, Alan.

  • Just an update on this one.  The female promptly returned this morning to continuing feeding her chicks.  Such a relief.

    Alan, as you said she went elsewhere to roost and chose a tree in the nearby allotments.