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Homes for Wildlife
If you love the creatures in your garden, you'll love our Homes for Wildlife project. This is the place to ask and answer questions about making your backyard wildlife-friendly.

More Box's

  • Seeing Adrians post on his boxes remined me I had two jobs to do this weekend.

    Clean the house martin poo from the porch roof and the alarm box on the front of the house before they arrive back, hopefully.

    Then put up the box I was given for christmas between the current two old nests.

    I guess it will take a season or two for them to take to the new box but here's hoping. Although the House Martins make a real mess on the house feel very priveliged to have them choose our house. Still its good for the plants below, there's always an upside.

  • Worth the mess I should think.

  • Definitely worth the mess, to hear them through the landing window chattering to each other in the morning is fab.

  • What a great Christmas present and hope you get some H.Martins nesting in it at some stage, good luck.

  • It's great to read of someone who enjoys having these birds, when it's often people who destroy the nests. Hope your box gets some residents. Our box has been up about 25 years with no luck, though I think a Bluetit roosts in it!

  • The new HM box in place between the 2 old HM built nests which have been on the house for about 5/6 years. Unfortunately when the HM arrive back

    one of our neighbours hand coat hangers with tinfoil on outside her windows.

    Then I found two old Robin box's burried in the shed.

    So one is now behind a bay tree on the fence amongs ivy.

    And the other is now a BT box next to a bug box.

    A good day in the garden.

  • Hi Tony, love your nest boxes. We also have 2 House Martins nests on the eaves of the house. One's above the bedroom window and I love to hear them chittering away to each other. Ours seem in pretty good condition and haven't been nabbed by the Sparrows this year. Looking forward to seeing them again soon.

  • Hi Mary, our first pair arrived back today, so excited to see them back.

  • Hi Jenny, our first pair arrived back this pm, seen 3 so far, two been investigating one of our nests......fab

  • Great news, Tony! Fingers crossed for a successful season, please keep us up to date if you can! Any takers in the other boxes?

  • well done Tony, the boxes and garden look perfect for some new residents so good luck and hope you see lots of offspring :)

  • Nothing yet, all gone quiet.

  • Tony do you clean your nest boxes out at the end of the season with boiling water? was told to do that with this new one l have, l always just took the old nest out and lift it to stay there over winter, especailly after finding a mouse using for the winter, but they are not looking too happy and no birds use them like before, they say you do this to get rid of parasites ect. what do you think? from Yas

  • Jas, yes I do clean out the boxes each year, give them an airing, not used boiling water though...when I remember but must admit did not do so this year. Never touched the HM nests though, really dont know if this is a good idea to try and clean them out or not.

  • Lots of nice boxes there Tony, hope you have lots of success and let us know all about the young ones