Baby Blue Tit has fledged!

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Baby Blue Tit has fledged!

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    Our one and only Blue Tit chick flew the nest this morning, after several days of wing flapping and fidgeting in the box. Four eggs were laid, three hatched, the fourth egg was stolen by a woodpecker, and then two of the babies were kidnapped by a woodpecker when they were about eight days old. We took matters into our own hands and stuck the plastic thingie onto the hole of the box to prevent further woodpecker attacks, as we were hell bent on saving the last chick. Surprisingly, the mother took to the new-look nest extremely well, and she was able to see him grow up :-)
  • Brilliant work Anthea, I left a comment on your gallery photo and have only just noticed your post.

    Lovely photos too.

  • Well done Anthea, blue tits are having a hard job this year so well done for saving at least the one.   Lovely pic.

  • Well done you on saving the last little blue tit.

  • great to see Anthea, well done

  • Well done Anthea. Glad to see your design worked. I have seen something similar commercially available and I was wondering how the birds would take to it. Apparently they don't mind it at all, as you have just shown us.

  • l like the opening you made Anthea good dly there. and great photo well shot.