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Simply Spiders

Homes for Wildlife

Homes for Wildlife
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Wildlife in the garden

Simply Spiders

  • TeeJay

    I've now sacked the cleaning lady! LOL

    That will be you then. LOL

    Yes, any excuse not to do it!

  • Wendy I don't really mind a spider or two but that last post even spooked me!!!!!   Going to find the tape measure now to see these mm as I still think in inches.

    PS Hazel   I knew that first one was a jumping spider!!!

  • I've been hoping to find one of these.

    A Nursery Web Spider (Pisaura Mirabilis) which, for me, is one of the best looking UK spiders. I thought I scared it off when I tried to get closer, then realised there were 3 all on different leaves within a couple of feet. This one is a little darker.

  • They bite you know Nige!!  Had one in my moth trap last week, got plenty in my garden, they make me jump!!

  • Thanks for the reminder, one of my jumping spiders that live in the kitchen got a nice meal the other day

    He was also very lucky when he jumped on the gas cooker while I was frying dinner, talk about jumping from frying pan into the fire! It was close!

  • Quite a lovely little spider and with a meal nearly as big it is! Glad it didn't end up fried.

    I tried to eject one from my kitchen (because I'm sure there's more to eat outside than in) but it refused to go and jumped before I got to the door! I shall have to re-catch it one day, put it in a makeshift studio and photo it, although it's just a common zebra spider.

  • I spotted this little thing sprinting across the edge of a pool. It's only small (ca 1cm across) but I think it's the first Raft Spider I've found. Amazing to watch it scamper across the water surface, although it tended to come to rest above stems, presumably to avoid attack from below.

  • Like these spiders and stories!!

  • Only the outdoor ones who stay outdoors though!

  • This one was outdoors & eats ants, so i'm hoping there are lots of them as the ants are a big problem this year in the garden.

    Asagena phalerata

    It's only small though so probably doesn't eat many.

  • But it might get bigger & eat many more!

  • I live in hope (& fear)! LOL

  • Don't get ants in yer pants is the answer! Lol

  • I did once! We were living in a camper just after we were married & I sat on an ants nest & ended up with about 50 bites on my btm, OH had to rub the bite cream in! LOL

  • Oh!  What do I say to that?  One of the many good reasons to get married! Lol