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Simply Spiders

  • Saw this spider on one of the hide external panels at RSPB Conwy ….

  • I think this is one of the Harvestmen. Apparently they're not 'true' Spiders due to the single body (as opposed to double body parts in 'true' spiders) and they don't all have poison.

    They have 'smelly glands' for defence but I didn't attempt to sniff it to find out.

    I wasn't's just not the type of item I'd like to have wedged inside my nostril.!! :-)

    He didn't like having his photo taken so he stormed off in the huff.!!

  • lol Paul, great pics;  you wouldn't want to meet the resident spiders of Australia  !!

  • HAZY
    you wouldn't want to meet the resident spiders of Australia  !!

    Agreed, I don't mind Spiders but I'm happy enough without the evil deadly types.!! :-)

  • Funny to see these pics of spiders today, I just happened to look across the room when walking through and lo and behold caught a glimpse of what I call the garden spider making it's way slowly across the floor.   Didn't think to take a pic, just grabbed my spider catcher (plastic pot and old photo)!!  in it went and outside on top of a plant pot in the shade.   Rather big, with those thick legs, it must have come in when I brought in the dog bed after giving it an airing.  Much better off outside I thought:-)

  • That sounds a really nice way to deal with spiders Gaynor.

    I was in the hairdressers a few days ago & while I was waiting, the hairdresser & her other customer were chatting & the hairdresser mentionned that she had found a big spider in the house. Shock! Horror! She killed it & put it on her husbands chair for when he came home. Apparantly it was his fault because he hadn't put in the insect barrier correctly. This is a spray that you use all around the inside/outside of the house to prevent & presumably kill anything that tries to step over the thresh-hold. Her customer agreed & said they do this too. I said it sounded terrible & what about the poor spiders. They said ''What do you do about spiders?" I explained that I leave them, they catch flies & mosquitoes & are quite harmless & occassionally have a purge & put the mop around & drop them all outside. They were amazed that I could live with Spiders in the house. Sad old world isn't it!

  • I agree with you Hazel, I could never kill one, though many do.   If people spray around their homes like that then goodness knows what they are doing to the environment.