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If you love the creatures in your garden, you'll love our Homes for Wildlife project. This is the place to ask and answer questions about making your backyard wildlife-friendly.
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Simply Spiders

  • My latest Spider ... reasonably manageable!

    Inside a one inch square for perspective

    White crab spider (Misumena vatia) ........ wasn't a bit scared, even though I did find it in my bed!! Lol

  • Gosh what a big brave girl you are! LOL

  • I know !  Good job it wasn't one of those humungous house jobbies!!!   Lol

  • You'd better look away.

    I found another Nursery Web Spider, so probably nearly as big as a humungous house jobby … and this time, apparently having dinner. I'm not sure but it might be tucking into another spider.

  • Shiver, shiver!!!

  • Phew!!!!   That's enormous!!!!   and I have to say I have a bone to pick with spiders.   I thought I would leave a few around the house to catch the flies, but no, all they do is eat each other, even the small ones lie in wait, I stood and watched this little thing heading towards another and blow me it was wrapped up in a parcel and disposed of in no time!!!

  • Had three of those ones that drop down on silks over my bed last night ... didn't wait to check if they had designs on each other ... in the jar & out the door pdq!  Another cheeky one came down onto my neck whilst I was preparing Rhubarb in kitchen ... very lucky I didn't chop it's legs off with my sharp knife! Lol

  • Just had to deal with big garden spider in my car sat in the middle of a humungous web that covered windscreen down to passenger seat... they're out to get me!!!  No pics, too bsy hunting down a jam jar!

  • I'll test upload with my Fly controller.

    From trapping to wrapping just over 30 seconds

  • Lol D, must be on a contract with Amazon!

  • WendyBartter
    No pics, too bsy hunting down a jam jar!

    Kind of you to think of feeding it, but I'm not sure they eat jam :) That's probably why they are out to get you!!!

  • Oh Nige, can't stop laughing!

  • Me neither!!!!!  

  • This is currently guarding the bottom of the stairs …

    You may not be able to tell from the photo but it's a whopper, as big as house spiders get … if I was scared of spiders I'd be sleeping downstairs on the sofa!

  • Knew there was a good reason I didn't open this post late last night Nige!

    Nigel O
    if I was scared of spiders I'd be sleeping downstairs on the sofa!

    Something like that at mine & I would have spent the night in a hotel! Lol