Jersey tiger in Orpington

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Jersey tiger in Orpington

  • OK, so I know it's not a bird ... but scales are just as good as feathers!

    I found this one in my conservatory yesterday and photo'd it before I released it.  According to the books they're found in Devon and Cornwall (and Jersey, I presume!), but they have been seen in Kent before, probably migrants.  The photo doesn't do it justice, as the hind-wing is bright red with black spots - but that's 'flash colouration', so it hides the hindwings deliberately when it settles. 

    Paul Syms.

  • What a beaut Paul, just love the tigers.

  • Paul Syms
    According to the books they're found in Devon and Cornwall (and Jersey, I presume!), but they have been seen in Kent before, probably migrants.

    Jersey Tigers now seem to be increasingly common in the London area in the last few years, with a population apparently centred on south-east London but spreading. The origins of these are unknown and could have been a deliberate release, or perhaps from eggs laid by a single migrant female.

  • Thanks Roy, I guessed this would be the case; my Skinner is the 1984 edition.  Several Orthopterans that used to be 'coastal only' in the books have also established themselves in the North Downs near me.  Last summer I'd have put it down to global warming, but this summer I'm not so sure ...

    Anyway, I've had another today, and I know it's a different one because the wing markings and abrasions are different. So that means at least two!
  • Jersey Tiger Moth photo taken this evening in Tiverton, Devon!! My mother-in-law also took a photo of one in Lapford, Crediton - never seen one before today!! Lovely species!

  • They are indeed found in Jersey:)  So far it appears to have been a good year for them.  I counted 9 the other day on a short stretch of hill while out riding and disturb one in the garden yesterday.  I was talking to my riding companion and we cannot remember seeing so many in past years.

    Caroline in Jersey

  • Thanks for all these sighting reports - it certainly does appear to be having a good year.  Compare this with South's description: one in 1855 at Newhaven, one in 1859 in North Wales, 2 in Sussex in 1868, one in the Isle of Wight in 1877!  The first in Devon was near Exeter in 1871, and some more near Lodderwell ... then 10 years later at Dawlish, after which it established itself from Exeter to Teignmouth, where it was seen every year until 1907.  Or perhaps this simply reflects that there are more people around who can identify a Jersey tiger?