Why no birds?

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Why no birds?

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I have recently put a new (long) seed feeder in a Hazel bush at the back of the house along with a peanut feeder but nothing visits? I have peanut and Niger seed feeders at the front and they are very active. My main purpose putting some at the back was that I could set my camera up in the kitchen door and photograph the visitors, but none are coming. Any suggestion why this should be please?

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  • When you say, "in a hazel bush", do you mean they're hanging from branches?

    Are the nut feeders the same type, or do you have squirrel proofing?

    A photo may shed more light onto the reasons why nothing is visiting yet.

  • Thanks Robbo. Yes the feeders are hanging from branches of the Hazel,but clear of the main trunks. One is a new one -Supa Seed Wild Bird Feeder 10 Port 30" long, filled with Natures Feast 4 seed blend wild bird seed and the peanut one is inside an anti squirrel/big bird cage the same as at the front.

    Oh and we've got a Robin building his nest very near the feeders - poor, confused little bird!

  • It is recommended not to site feeders near to nest sites.

    Squirrel cages can act a bit as a deterrent to birds, although you have one in use ok in the front.

    Not sure. Maybe the robins are keeping the area clear.