Goldcrests in he garden

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Wildlife in the garden

Goldcrests in he garden

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    The goldcrests in my garden have extremely bright orange legs and feet, is this unusual? Everything I have read says the legs and feet are dull brown.
  • Hi Dawn

    I checked some of my photos of Goldcrests.

    This is one from a couple of years ago.

    And this is one I took a couple of days ago.

    As you can see their feet are certainly yellow and that seems to extend up the legs a little way.

    Both of the above were taken in spring but the next one was taken in winter and only the feet are yellow with the legs looking brown. 

    A lot of birds get brighter plumage during the breeding season so perhaps this applies to the feet and legs as well.

  • Thanks for that Tony - I thought it could be something to do with spring but couldn't find anything online!