white starling

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white starling

  • For the last 2 days a white starling has been visiting the garden feeders. Has anyone else seen one?

  • no ive not seen any and ive been mobbed by them all yr do you have a picture

  • From time to time we get sent photos of albino birds and I suspect this is what you have here. Because true albino birds tend to be quite conspicuous, they can draw quite a bit of attention to themselves by predators. Albinos are often less robust than other birds and for these reasons are rarely seen. If you do manage to get a photo, we'd love to see one!


  • I have never seen a white starling either.

  • Flock of starlings landed in my garden tonight including a white one

  • Yes, we had a group of about 100 starlings, and there was 1 white one.

  • Well, we didn’t find any Starling birds in our garden just because Starling population has been in decline over recent decades and this once familiar and abundant species now needs our help.

  • we have had hardly any because of the population,sad.

  • I am fortunate to have at least 15 starlings visit my garden a few times a day, tho i have managed to count (from a photograph i took) of them all sitting on the pylon wires, and counted 45, so i think generally my garden is getting all of them but at different times of the day (its a very small garden all 45 wouldnt fit). I love the way they Squabble etc but i have never seen an albino one. I would love to see a photo of this albino one you have.

  • I have 3 baby white starlings that keep comming into our garden

  • Can you get any photos Kirsty?

  • Got a video do you know how to post it on here?

  • I'm afraid you need to put the video on youtube first Kirsty then link it on here.

  • Hope this works


  • Wow they are beautiful and all from the same family by the look of it.

    I'll put it in so it shows in the thread Kirsty, well taken.