Homes for Wildlife

Homes for Wildlife
If you love the creatures in your garden, you'll love our Homes for Wildlife project. This is the place to ask and answer questions about making your backyard wildlife-friendly.
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  • Media: Blackbird

    Juvenile blackbird in the back garden.
  • Media: Australian Crimson rosella parrot - juvenile.

    We are lucky to have these guys feed freely in a back yard during the summer months. They quickly learn where the food is; however they take a long time to develop trust of the feeders.
  • Media: Starling

    A young Starling enjoying a drink earlier this year.
  • Media: More on Australian Butcher Birds

    This is one of a series of shots I took on 'burst' mode. The young butcher bird had been waiting rather impatiently for food to be brought to him. The bird with the mince is a juvenile male from last year's brood, who has been allowed to stay on to help with this year's lot. He starts...
  • Media: Juvenile sparrows

    Juvenile sparrows taken in my garden in guisborough.