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Homes for Wildlife
If you love the creatures in your garden, you'll love our Homes for Wildlife project. This is the place to ask and answer questions about making your backyard wildlife-friendly.
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  • Media: Hummingbird Robin

    This robin was using an unusual technique to feed itself. It would hover underneath the feeder and take a few quick beakfulls, before flying to the nearest branch.
  • Media: A Very Chubby Robin

    He looks like he's consumed a tennis ball! He was so chubby and looked very comical.
  • Media: Robin

    This robin was in a neighbour's tree one evening in early September and was beautifully lit by the sun. The photograph was taken using a Panasonic FZ28 with a teleconversion lens.
  • Media: A Robin sang in Dungannon Park

    I was in Dungannon Park taking landscapes across the lake and I could hear a Robin singing in the laurels beside me. The song became more and more loud and when I turned round he was a metre from me. I managed to get in the one quick shot
  • Media: Robin

    Another of our new friends in our new garden
  • Media: Robin totally undeterred by cat

    Imagine my annoyance as a cat perches itself on the fence t the nod of my garden urging the one hour bird watch. I shouldn't have worried though as the robin wasn't!
  • Media: Robin in the snow

    Was freezing cold but the wait was worth it. Seems to be saying " I make this one foot deep".
  • Media: Robin

    This cone in my garden is a regular perch for this Robin.
  • Media: Robin

    In my back garden
  • Media: Robin

    Another shot from my garden.
  • Media: Baby Robin

    They are so cute!!
  • Media: Robin

    A regular visitor to my Beech hedge.
  • Media: Robin

    Winter robin taking a breather...
  • Media: Robin

    This robin was in my neighbour's tree one evening in early September and was beautifully lit by the sun. It was taken using a Panasonic FZ28.
  • Media: Happy Robin leaves feeders.

  • Media: Robin Hiding from the Wind

    The photograph was taken in the rockery of my garden on a very windy day. I looked out of the patio door and in front of me no more than a couple of yards away from me this little robin was standing in the recess of the rocks. He did not move, I went for my camera and he was still there when I returned...
  • Media: The nation's favourite

    I never tire of seeing or taking pics of robins - they really are a favourite
  • Media: A Robin 'Singing for Spring'

    Today in the garden, on a cold but sunny late afternoon it was a pleasure to listen to this Robin singing, high in a flowering cherry tree.
  • Media: Rockin Robin

    Another one looking for it's dinner
  • Media: Robin

    These little birds cheer me up no end!
  • Media: Robin

    This little Robin was spotted taking suet pellets into the ivy.
  • Media: Mr Robin

    This is one of my resident robins visiting my ground feeder in the garden. They love my nuts! My favourite bird that visits!
  • Media: Robin

    Photo taken in my garden of a lovely robin.
  • Media: Robin feeding

    This Robin shot feeding on chopped peanut bits is one of my favourites. I could swear he was posing for me.
  • Media: Young Robin