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  • Media: Chilly Robin

    This small robin was sitting in the snow waiting for my wife to put out some food.
  • Media: Snowy Landing

    A snowy day, couldn't get to work, but I did get this shot from the bedroom window. A robin coming to land on a garden swing frame.
  • Media: Little Owl in Kemsing Kent

    Hi all, I thought I would post up a photo of a little owl I spotted on boxing day down the Pilgrims Way Kemsing Kent, he sat there for about a minute or so then flew off over the field......
  • Media: Robin

    The typical Chrismas Card Robin in the snow. Beak covered with snow it rests on a branch
  • Media: wagtail

    a yellow wagtail that visited my garden today
  • Media: Cold little bird

    One of the many birds that are spending much of these freezing days at one of our bird feeders.
  • Media: Brambling 2

  • Media: Christmas dinner?

    Fieldfare and blackbird in February 2009 in my garden. We'd been throwing out the damaged apples (they did like them really).
  • Media: Joey in the snow

    This is my friendly blackbird Joey in the snow. We had heavy snow here on Anglesey on Friday 18th January. I made sure there was plenty of food and water for the birds.
  • Media: Deer-Stag

    Deer stag taken near Loch tulla, Glencoe. As you can see, I got very close to this Deer and was able to use my wide angle Canon 17-40mm f4.0 lens at 29mm
  • Media: Blackbird

    A Blackbird braving the snow in our garden at Brownshill Green, Coventry. Photo taken on 6th January 2010.
  • Media: Daft peacock

    Peacock at Torguish House B&B, Highlands. Not wildlife but thought it might make you smile!