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  • Media: Stag

    Head of the herd that roams 'The Batter' at the back of my garden. I know he looks stuffed and the background looks painted but this was how it turned out, just a fluke !!! Handsome isn't he? The herd is quite used to people so one can get fairly close, though I tend to keep my distance out...
  • Media: Deer

    Deer stag photographed at Loch tulla near Glencoe
  • Media: Young Stag taken near Loch Ness

    We were driving to Loch Ness and saw this Young Stag from the road. I managed to approach him and take this photograph which was taken August 2008.
  • Media: Rutting Deer

    It was taken on the 3rd of November. And wacth the contest for about 10 minutes, Anre is a great place for a walk and watch the wildlife.
  • Media: Deer-Stag

    Deer stag taken near Loch tulla, Glencoe. As you can see, I got very close to this Deer and was able to use my wide angle Canon 17-40mm f4.0 lens at 29mm
  • Media: Stag

  • Media: stag

    a pic of a stag taken enjoying the sun in scotland