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Creating a Nature Book

Adult and children with book and binoculars birdwatching

Sunday, 28 August 2016

It was bank holiday weekend, a few children were coming to our meeting at Brierley Forest Park. This is mainly were we have our meetings as it's great for all kinds of wildlife.

It was a nice day and was very busy as there was a race going off around the park that day.

This was a new theme that we hadn't done before. We wanted to try something different for the children to do this time. We decided to make a nature book with the group. We thought it would be great to keep a record of all the different things we would see that day and hopefully keep a few things we found too!

It was great to see quite a few people had joined us. We talked about the things that we were going to do that day. Each child was given a notebook and pencil, and we set off from the visitors center on our journey around the park. Each child was enthusiastically looking at everything that was around them. We walked slowly along the path and stopped at different trees along the way, looking at the bark and leaves.

Some wanted to draw the leaves and bark and everyone made a rubbing of the bark in their books. It was fun watching how they went about it, trying to find out which was the best way to hold the paper on the bark. They started to do the rubbing, helping each other and parents giving them a hand too, everyone really enjoying themselves. There were some great rubbings of bark and all different shapes and sizes of leaf by the end of it.

We found leaves, twigs, moss and bark on the floor, so they were collected and put along their drawings in their books and they were starting to fill up with all kinds of woodland curios.

Everyone was enjoying themselves, leaders included and everyone helping out. We stopped for refreshments at the location where we had previously hung up bird boxes and tried to spot little birds flying around and maybe going into the boxes.

We then set off to the bird feeding station and we were lucky to see blue tits, great tits, a coal tit and 5 goldfinches.

After a while we set off back up a muddy path up towards the big pond. We carried on and lots more interesting things were collected to put in the nature books. A few flowers were seen, and we talked about them and made drawings of the flowers and looked at all the different shapes of petal.

We spotted lots of mallards and coots on the pond and banks. Some were with their chicks, they were so funny and made us all laugh following their parents along. A couple of the children were copying them walking along in a funny way and joking around which was very entertaining. Everyone was jolly and having fun.

We started to walk aback to the visitors center and some old feathers were collected for the nature books and we talked about which bird they may have come from. Before we went home we shared our books and talked about what we had found and the children showed each other what they had collected.

It was a great day out.