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September 2020

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

BTO Nest Collection Request Update: no more nests required

BTO Nest Collection Request Update: no more nests required

*As 300+ nests have been received, the BTO has asked that no more nests be sent in this year*

Canelle from Sussex University is requesting nests for research on the impacts of pesticides on songbirds. Bird protection law permits the cleaning out of nests between 1 September and 31 January, so nests can now be collected for this research. Some hole-nesting species, including sparrows, may have second or third broods in the same nest. The nests of these species should be left until sometime during the autumn when it is certain that they are no longer in use. message below as well as the attached form.

"I am a PhD student at Sussex University currently working on the impact of pesticides on songbirds. One part of my research is to understand the exposure of chicks to pesticide within the nest. Birds' nests are composed of a wide range of materials, often including animal-derived materials such as feathers, hair and fur. Parasite treatments are applied on pets and livestock on a regular basis, which could potentially end up in a bird's nest. We intend to find out if chicks are exposed to these treatments.

This is where you can help us!

All you have to do is fill in a short form with details of the nest, and send the nest to us at the end of the breeding season (From 1st September)! There is more information on how to proceed in the attached form. Thank you once again, we are grateful for your time and effort! If you have any questions or would like to know more please get in touch with us at

Cannelle Tassin de Montaigu, PhD student, Evolution, Behaviour and Environment School of Life Sciences, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QG."

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