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Dragons and waders on the Sefton Coast

Dragons and waders on the Sefton Coast
Common Darter - L Bimson

Saturday, 10 August 2013

A visit to a local and often fruitful area for birdwatching, thanks in part to less human disturbance in this particular area where we were due to the presence of the Army's Altcar firing ranges. A slightly overcast start developed into a beautiful day, as we meandered through farmland and dunes walking from Hightown to Formby. Lunch being taken on the dune edge by the beach, as the waders fed not 200 metres in front of us also with their characteristic wheeling around further along the beach as the tide came in. There were good sized flocks of Ringed plover, bar tailed godwit, oystercatchers and perhaps most noteworthy of all was the number of Common and sandwich terns.

The normal rating of an RSPB walk is classed as a 'U' rating, but today's was later changed to an 'X' rating due to the number of mating pairs of dragonfly seen!! The widened footpath at the Hightown end of the walk is a vast improvement on the former, BUT watch out for the cyclists now using it if you go there.

Bird species seen:

Bar tailed godwit, blackbird, black backed gull, blue tit, buzzard collared dove, common gull, common tern, cormorant, crow, curlew, dunlin, dunnock, goldfinch, gt black backed gull, grey plover, herring gull, house martin, house sparrow, jackdaw, kestrel, lesser black backed gull, magpie, oystercatcher, pheasant, ringed plover, robin, sanderling, sandwich tern, skylark, sparrowhawk starling, swallow, whitethroat, wood pigeon.

Butterflies : Large white, speckled wood, peacock, brimstone, meadow brown, gatekeeper, common blue

Dragonflies : Common darter

Howard Mills