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Pickerings Pasture on the banks of the Mersey

Pickerings Pasture on the banks of the Mersey
Goldcrest - Laura Bimson

Saturday, 16 November 2013

A visit to a popualar local nature reserve on the banks of the Mersey. We arrived not long after high tide, and were immediately greeted by sightings of sparrows, tits and greenfinches amongst others on the feeding station. Due to the state of the tide, we made our way to the watching screen overlooking the adjacent fields where we were treated to views of good size flocks of lapwing and other waders waiting for the tide to recede exposing the mudflats and sandbanks. There was a flock of 300+ canada geese in one of the fields. After lunch, the tide had sufficiently receded to expose more sandbanks, enabling us to appreciate the value to the Mersey estuary as a place of refuge and feedng for the birds. A walk along an inland path, we came across Yellow staining and glistening ink-cap mushrooms in abundance. Also on this path, we saw a very popular bird, the goldcrest. In early summer, there is usually a good display of various orchids, however the reserve is well worth a visit at anytime of the year, just check the tide times beforehand. A total of 34 species were seen on the day.

Howard Mills