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Lake Vyrnwy Seekers

Lake Vyrnwy Seekers
Redstart - Neil Prendergast

Sunday, 27 April 2014

11 hopeful birders met at Brunswick Station and set off for Wales in a minibus, with Chris doing the driving.

On arrival we were joined by two more from the Liverpool group and 3 people from Ellesmere Port. What a treat we had in store!
Near the visitor centre we saw Chaffinch, Robin, Siskin, Buzzard and Coal Tit.
We started walking the blue trail. Very soon we came across a female Pied Flycatcher,darting back and forth to a nestbox, beak full of nesting material. It kept us entertained for quite some time, collecting twigs, some were difficult for the little bird to manoeuvre into the box. And where's there's one, we soon found the male.
Soon afterwards we saw a resplendent Redstart a Nuthatch and a very smart Pheasant strutting his stuff!

Up on the forest path, we came across a lovely clearing with wonderful views. A Tree Pipit was seen flying between a tree and some rocks. Very soon it landed on a radio mast and was renamed the Mast Pipit, so a new one for all of us!!! The farmer came up in his quad bike, one hand on the bike, one round his dog, but he still managed a wave. He left a very happy flock of sheep after he gave them food.
A copse in the same area gave us another wonderful sighting of a Redstart on a post.
Suddenly a Peregrine Falcon came into sight over the hilltop and a very high flying Cormorant followed by Ravens.

We continued the walk and soon came to the woods, there had been a great deal of clearance so not the prettiest place to be. Piles of newly felled logs and a stumpy wasteland ahead, still the pied and grey wagtails of the area were quiet happy with the area, flitting about, no doubt the clearance had uncovered lots of insect prey.

Shortly after another highlight of the walk, Arnie's wonderful hearing picked up the song of a Wood Warbler a short metallic tick that accelerates into a trill that is reminiscent of a coin spinning) and after some pishing it appeared for us all to ogle. Such a pretty bird, a lovely yellow colour with gleaming white underparts.

On the way back to the minibus Grey and Pied Wagtails were seen.
And at last our quarry, high up in the sky, a Goshawk scanning the forestry below, alas no closer view. One day we'll see this vivacious sweeping effortlessly through the canopy.

After lunch we ventured on to the lakeside hides. On the path to the hides, a dipper was spotted flying down a woodland stream. The weather was on the turn, a heavy down pour the pre-cursor for the rest of the day, perhaps a reason for the hide birdlife to be quiet with the exception of once again a delightful pair of Pied Flycatchers, chasing each other back an forth over the woodland enclosed pool at the top of the lake.

The heavens opened once, time for a hasty retreat to the minibus in the hailstones and so back to our Liverpool home.