Trip reports


Leeds liverpool canal- Howard mills

Saturday, 15 August 2015

After the incessant and torrential rain of the previous day, it was a joy to see dry roads and blue sky on what turned out to be a very nice day. In turn, it was a pleasure to be walking along the footpaths, lanes of rural Lancashire plus a section of the Leeds and Liverpool canal.

August is normally a quiet month birdwise, but we had excellent sightings of goldfinch, greenfinch, long tailed tits, swallows, house martins amongst others. We came across a mixed flock of about 400 gulls, wheeling over and landing in recently ploughed and cropped fields. However, the main highlight was in observing a small flock of red legged partridge feeding in recently cut cornfields.
Abundant sightings of butterflies and colourful dragonflies were a joy to behold on our last trip here in 2012 we came across a new dragonfly for our area, namely the southern hawkern, seeing it agian, suggests a colony of them is being established here.

This was my last field trip I shall be leading , and would like to thank all those who have come out with me over the past 30+ years
A total of 26 species were seen: Swallow,wood pigeon, long tailed tit, collared dove, coal tit, chaffinch crow, house sparrow, starling, goldfinch, greenfinch, red legged partridge, house martin, herring gull, black headed gull, linnet, wren, mallard, coot, magpie, moorhen, blackbird, blue tit, dunnock, tree sparrow

Butterflies: large white, smalll white, common blue, meadow brown, peacock , small tortoiseshell, gatekeeper, wall brown, speckled wood, red admiral.

Dragonflies: emperor, brown hawker, southern hawker, banded demoiselle.

Howard Mills