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Wirral wander- Arrowe Country Park

Wirral wander- Arrowe Country Park
Arrowe Park - H Mills

Saturday, 3 October 2015

After several days of Indian summer weather, the daya dawned very misty and cool. The mist slowly lifted, but remained cool and cloudy for most of the outing. Arrowe Country park on the Wirral, is a mixture of woodland open spaces, a lake and formal gardens plus a golf course. Overall the mixed habitat provided a good variety of species.

Shortly before our lunch stop we came to the lake, and managed to catch a glimpse of a kingfisher as it flew inbetween some low lying branches of the lakeside trees. However the highlight of the day occured moments later when we saw a group of 6 mandarin ducks, 4 male and 2 female, although 1 each of both male and female appeared to be hybrids, the result of naughty night out with a mallard. Usually, they are only seen in pairs so this sighting we think is unusal.

During lunch we spotted a gt spotted woodpecker, which conveniently stayed in one place, near the top of a dead tree, and was there when we left. A nuthatch also put in a a couple of appearances during our lunch break. After lunch the main highlight was the sighting a of a sizable flock of goldfinches.

The earlier warm weather in the week, had brought out some butterflies, but in today's cool conditions we only saw one variety. A total of 23 bird species were seen, perhaps low, but nevertheless did not stop our enjoyment, and were as follows -

Magpie, blue & great tit, wren, blackbird, heron, woodpigeon, mallard, moorhen, crow, starling, black headed gull, commom gull, kingfisher, mandarin, gt spotted wooodpecker, nuthhatch, dunnock, robin goldfinch, jay, pied wagtail, herring gull

Butterfly speckled wood
Grey squirrel

Leader John Clegg, report Howard mills