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It's a knockout - no it's a wash out!

It's a knockout - no it's a wash out!
L Bimson -A frosty day at Speke Garston

Sunday, 3 January 2016

About 25 intrepid souls ventured out on our first bird watch of the year. It was 'during' not 'antediluvian'. We got soaked but it didn't dampen our spirits, but it could well have diluted mine! After seeing a beautiful mistle thrush, and flocks of starlings and goldfinches we squelched to the foreshore. There teal, mallard, redshank, curlew, turnstone, oystercatcher and dunlin dug deep into the wonderful Mersey mud for breakfast. All the usual Mersey gulls were in attendance black-headed lesser black-backed, great black-backed gulls along with cormorant.. Then a couple of shelduck were spotted!

Chris plus three others who were all wearing wellies ventured into the long boggy grass to see if they could flush anything out. We were rewarded with skylark, snipe and meadow pipit. We trudge back to the car park, a buzzard being spotted on a lamppost.

We intended going on to Sefton park. Most of us cut and ran. Home for an early lunch and a drip dry of the clothing, trainers etc.

Regardless of the rain we had an excellent couple of hours amongst like minded friends and fellow birding.
Happy New Year one and all!

P.S We made a new friend on sunday. Andy Mc joined and wrote a terrific blog of our short day out (He can come back!!):