Sunday, 20 September 2020

News update
Paul Barrett

News update

Most Local Group activities have been suspended until at least the end of the year. This decision is reviewed regularly and there will certainly be no early lifting of the suspension. We are, in fact, anticipating that normal (or near to normal) operations will not resume until this time next year.
We are looking at the possibility of running meetings via Zoom. In the first instance, our AGM (delayed from April) will take this form. We will 'meet' on Friday 9 October. If you are on our e-mailing list, a link will be sent to you. If you are not on our list and wish to attend, please e-mail us at
We will continue to run the 'Airedale & Bradford Garden Birdwatch' which can be accessed via our Facebook page.
Carol has been taking orders for RSPB goods (including Christmas cards) which she will either deliver locally or can be collected. We have also produced a series of greetings cards - A5 (75p) & A6 (50p).